What added value do we offer you? You choose a location, facilities and craftsmen of top level!

We are committed to realise your dreams. However unattainable they may seem at times, with a location, facilities and craftsmen of the highest calibre, we bring them within reach.

An ideal location

An ideal location

  • - Direct connection to the sea (before the locks)
  • - 200 metres quay with 10 metres draught
  • - Paved outdoor area of 3,600 m2 with good access by road and water
Unprecedented facilities

Unprecedented facilities

  • - 1,500 m2 large hall 21 metres high
  • - Gantry crane with 240 ton lifting capacity
  • - High pressure load per m2 possible
Master craftsmen

Master craftsmen

  • - Expert knowledge
  • - Unrivalled solutions
  • - Progressive innovations
  • - Market conform rates

How do we support you? By being a project partner that makes you flexible!

It enthuses us to steadfastly take on challenges that stagger others. The more complex your request for support, the more we find it interesting to make you flexible in the role of project partner. With our location, facilities and craftsmen.

Breman Offshore B.V.
As a capacity partner

As a capacity partner You employ master craftsmen!

Are you dealing with an extremely short turnaround time? Or are you working on several projects at once? Then you may be short of manpower. Our craftsmen are ready for you, to show dedication, to deliver quality and to be of importance.

As a test partner

As a test partner You will find all the knowledge and room for test set-ups!

Is your project in the final phase? Then you may need facilities and expertise to create a test setup and perform tests. We have the space and knowledge to support you, both in devising and executing your plan.

As a service partner

As a service partner You outsource repair and maintenance professionally!

Do your customers expect a high level of maintenance and/or repair? Then we will ensure that you can provide them with the best possible service. Our craftsmen and facilities keep the precious time that your offshore projects are idle as short as possible and make everything anew.

As an assembly partner

As an assembly partner You let components become an end product efficiently!

Do you want to assemble components into a challenging total product? And organise the logistics as efficiently as possible? Then you can reach our location both by road and by water. Our craftsmen will assist you with the assembly and preparation for transport or installation.

As an overhaul partner

As an overhaul partner You opt for specialists in offshore renovations!

Do you want to keep your offshore project out of service for as short a time as possible during overhaul? Then we have the craftsmen for all your metal and sheet metal work, and a network of specialists for technical disciplines such as hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical engineering.

As a facilities partner

As a facilities partner You can use all our facilities!

Do you have all the knowledge and expertise in-house for your testing, maintenance, repair, assembly, overhaul or transhipment? And are you only looking for a location where all the necessary facilities are available? Then you can rent our location for the duration of your project.

We steadfastly take on challenges that make others waver!

Who supports you? Meet our craftsmen!

Breman Offshore team
Marinus Slingerland - Breman Offshore B.V.
Marinus Slingerland
Sander Brouwer - Breman Offshore B.V.
Sander Brouwer
Albertus Vos - Breman Offshore B.V.
Albertus Vos
Bart Van Der Sluis - Breman Offshore B.V.
Bart Van Der Sluis
Gerben Jager - Breman Offshore B.V.
Gerben Jager
Henk Breman - Breman Offshore B.V.
Henk Breman
Jacob Gnodde - Breman Offshore B.V.
Jacob Gnodde
Jan Boer - Breman Offshore B.V.
Jan Boer
Jeffrey Buit - Breman Offshore B.V.
Jeffrey Buit
Jeroen Doorn - Breman Offshore B.V.
Jeroen Doorn

Breman Machinery For a complete, modern and certified manufacturing process!

Our sister company, Breman Machinery, is a contractor for challenging total products and a supplier of critical steel components. You will receive support from Genemuiden where necessary for a complete, modern and certified manufacturing process.

Breman Machinery
Breman Machinery

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Breman Offshore
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