Breman Offshore has excellent facilities. This is ideal for when you temporarily need additional space, want to assemble and ship a sizeable structure or want to perform ship's equipment maintenance in-house. You can namely rent our site for the duration of your project.
The factory measures 60 by 25 metres, is 21 metres high, and is equipped with a gantry crane with a 240 ton capacity. In addition, the factory is adequately equipped with metal working machines.

You can also rent the grounds, measuring 60 by 60 metres, for assembly or test set-ups, for instance. The quay is located at a mere 25 metres from the factory. A draught of 10 metres in front of the quay enables you to let seagoing vessels moor at our premises. As such, you are free to exploit the logistical advantages and additional capacity of Breman Offshore. If necessary, you can also hire our experts on an hourly basis.