Overhaul partner

The overhaul of ship's equipment and offshore installations (such as wind turbines) requires a solution close to shore. This is a good reason for you to work together with Breman Offshore. At our location in the harbour of IJmuiden, we can dismantle structures with enormous dimensions. Next, we renovate the parts on site or overhaul them in consultation with specialists. Following assembly and testing, the machines or structures can immediately be shipped out.

Thanks to these logistics, the overhaul does not require more than what is necessary. This is ideal for machines or structures of which you want to minimise the downtime. In collaboration with Breman Machinery, we are your partner for the renovation or manufacture of components with large dimensions. As far as metal and sheet-metal working are concerned, we have extensive experience and unique machinery. We collaborate with specialists for the overhaul of electrical engineering, hydraulics, pneumatics or other technical disciplines. This enables us to offer you a comprehensive solution.