Safety and the environment

Breman Offshore highly values a safe working environment and environment-friendly operations. For that reason, we devote considerable attention to safety and environmental aspects. The care for these aspects is integrated in our operations, enabling us to meet the most stringent standards.

To guarantee a sound process, we have laid down agreements in that respect in procedures and instructions. The main objective in doing so is the safe use of machines and hoisting equipment. It is our employees' second nature to be alert to risks. That mindset is the best guarantee for maximum safety. This is supported through sound safety procedures. Our safety procedures have been verified by the Safex Certification Institution and have been granted the VCA** certificate (Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors).

We have also enshrined environmental protection in our operations. Waste materials are processed in a sustainable manner. We reuse materials whenever possible. In addition, we deal conscientiously with energy consumption and assess new investments on sustainability.