Breman Offshore's quality

Breman Offshore maintains high standards. We work with parts and structures with sometimes extreme dimensions, combined with stringent accuracy. These parts and structures are often used in industrial environments. They must therefore be capable of withstanding heavy loads and be reliable in critical conditions. This requires the highest quality. That quality does not begin on the shop floor, but rather in the preparation of projects. We want to be certain of the quality and to be able to demonstrate it. We therefore use fixed procedures and carefully document our projects. We have for that reason invested in the capacity of our operations office.

In order to be able to guarantee the quality, we work in accordance with ISO9001, ISO3834, and NEN-1090. In addition, the rules and standards of inspection bodies such as Lloyds Register, TüV, and DNV are applied.

Yet, that is not the essence of our quality. The secret of our quality is our team of dedicated professionals. Experts with a specialism. Inventive metal workers and technicians who actively help to devise solutions and propose ideas. They are proud of the products and projects on which they work. Their involvement, commitment, and flexibility make us a valued supplier. We would like to share that with you.