About Breman Offshore

Breman Offshore is located in the harbour of IJmuiden. Easy to access inland via the North Sea Canal and accessible from the North Sea for seagoing vessels. Here, we have a factory measuring 1,500 m2 and 3,600 m2 of paved grounds.
Our selection of this location was not coincidental. We started out as a sister company of Breman Machinery in Genemuiden. Parts for machine and equipment builders are manufactured at that location. From simple structures to complex mechanical engineering equipment. Thanks to the assembly site on the coast, we can transport the often large workpieces efficiently (in pieces) and deliver structures with even larger dimensions. They are assembled in our factory in IJmuiden and immediately loaded onto the moored seagoing vessels. We also offer the convenience of these facilities to you. You decide which facilities to use. Our location, our expertise, and our mechanical engineering capacity, or just one of these three.
In IJmuiden, we have moreover accumulated specific knowledge in the field of offshore activities. This enables us to provide you with additional services related to maritime structures and equipment.